Student Online Safety

  • Is relevant for ALL Primary and Secondary school students, parents, teachers and staff.
  • Provides comprehensive presentations relating to cyber safety and how to keep students safe online.
  • Has developed unique insight into the online world by working for many years alongside both victims and offenders of cyber crime (bullying, grooming, sexting and stalking).
  • This knowledge is then utilised to make the children smarter online and protect themselves from danger.
  • Provides up to date information on apps, social media, and chat rooms and current legislation relating to cyber bullying and sexting.

“Tracey’s parent information night was one of the most successful and well attended nights we had for the year. Parents were still talking about the night days after. With online media, the way of the future and the interests students have with the Internet and social media, this night is a must for any school.”
- Anthony Oldmeadow Assistant Principal - Laurimar Primary School


Useful information relating to apps/smartphones/social media/bullying to promote awareness and understanding of the dangers online and the ways to be smarter online and protect themselves.


Essential information on cyber bullying, apps and social media to gain an understanding of what their children get up to online in order to keep themselves safe.


Informative up to date information on apps, social media and the dangers students are facing online in order to support their students.